Using Xano for Data Manipulation & Building API Endpoints

In this meeting, the State Changers team discusses utilizing Xano, a platform for building backend services, for data manipulation and transformation operations. They are focusing on a specific case involving the construction of a data structure consisting of an array of objects under a key named "life stage".

A participant admitted that they weren't entirely sure about the required format for the data structure, due to incomplete advice from a friend. The team moved to clarify this by evaluating the existing API endpoint, and determining what their final output should be. The data in question comes from a user record that provides a 'life stage' for each user. In order to transform the data, they begin by creating an array variable named 'life stages'. Iteratively, the iterative 'life stage' objects for each user are added to this array. A new 'life stage' object is then built, and the aforementioned array is set as its value. This results in the desired structure - an object with a key "life stage" that holds an array of 'life stage' objects. During the conversation, one of the team members provides a suggestion, based on his experience of encountering bugs when adding elements to arrays. He mentions that using filter and array functions under filter worked more effectively for him, not directly adding to the end of the array. By proving a live demonstration and describing the steps involved, the session makes clear the process of building and manipulating such a data structure in Xano. The key learning here is to first establish a clear understanding of the desired output for data transformation, which facilitates a smoother and more efficient operation on the platform.

(Source: Office Hours 8/3/2023 )

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