Using Xano to Build a Data-Driven Fantasy Sports Platform

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss using Xano for building a backend to integrate with a third-party API feed, specifically Sportradar. They talk about creating a table in Xano to store different stat paths and calculate fantasy scores based on those paths. They also discuss using for each loops and the sum product calculation for the scoring. The State Changer also mentions concerns from their engineering manager about using Xano, such as platform risk and SLA. They are interested in bridging a conversation between their engineering manager and someone at Xano to address these concerns. They also discuss the benefits of using no-code tools like Xano for faster development. The State Changer plans to replace other tools like Retool with Xano and Bubble for increased velocity. Overall, they are impressed with Xano's capabilities and want to leverage it to build a more efficient and seamless solution for their business.

(Source: Office Hours 9/9 )

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