Utilizing and Improving Lambda Functions for Enhanced Performance and Customization

The State Changers' meeting focuses on resolving issues related to code execution in a virtual platform called "Lambda". The issue discussed in the meeting was that due to the limitations in coding, a certain task was quite slow to perform. Thus, the Changers discuss implementing a new step in the preexisting code that could enhance the performance.

In the meeting, the use of constructs such as conditional functions ("if") and loops ("for each") were discussed to facilitate improvements. The Changers went on to create a new variable called 'periods' and modified inner working components, improving the code's performance. The Changers also discuss data manipulation inside an array, where a complex task is to be performed, attributing properties in those items, and updating it inside the array. They follow this discussion by establishing a 'for each' loop to help update the array variables. At the end of the meeting, it was noted the code would still need further refining. In follow-up sessions, the Changers would be focusing more on business logic considerations and how to define target periods while modifying the list in place.

(Source: Office Hours 6/16 )

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