Utilizing ChatGPT for Email Organization and Content Summarization in Business Operations

The meeting involved State Changers discussing various integration and automation systems, including the utilization of OpenAI's ChatGPT and Make. One of the main points discussed was how to automate email categorization using ChatGPT. The State Changers detailed a method of labeling incoming emails into the relevant Gmail categories using different functions. In this process, ChatGPT was configured to read and categorize the emails into specific labels like Sales, Urgent, Newsletters, Calendly, Money, Medical, and more. If an email was too long for ChatGPT to process, rather than shutting down the entire system, the State Changers implemented an error handler to skip the email and continue categorizing.

Moreover, the State Changers also shared their experience using ChatGPT for other applications. They made use of generative AI technology to summarize long descriptions from RSS feeds for a radio station website. This approach helped in condensing a page-long description into a three-to-five sentence summary. The State Changers further used this AI tool to correct spelling and grammatical errors in the content. The system also automated pushing the cleaned descriptions into the database, reducing the amount of manual work required. In conclusion, the meeting was centered around automation using AI tools like ChatGPT and Make, with multiple solutions shared on how to streamline and improve digital content management.

(Source: Make Secrets with Andy O'Neil 9/20/2023 )

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