Utilizing GitHub for Android App Development and Testing: A Practical Approach

The State Changers meeting involved a detailed discussion on using GitHub for development and deployment of applications. One of the group's members, Daniel, shared his experience of using GitHub in his workflow, using it primarily for version control and code sharing. The process he described includes creating a repository, linking it to the work, and sending the work to the repository. He then uses Android Studio to fetch code updates from GitHub. Daniel clarified that he mostly tests on Android because of his use of Android Studio, and he uses CodeMagic for handling iOS deployment. But he also mentioned plans to get an iOS device for more comprehensive testing on both platforms. No keywords from the list like (Xano, WeWeb, FlutterFlow, Zapier, Make, Integromat, Outseta, Retool, Bubble, Adalo, AppGyver, AppSheet, Comnoco, Fastgen, Firebase, Google, OAuth, Stripe, Twilio, Airtable, DraftBit, Javascript, Typescript, React, Vue.js, JSX, HTML, CSS, lambda, serverless, State Change, ScriptTag, OpenAI, AI21) were discussed during this meeting.

(Source: Office Hours Extra - Flutterflow Export 6/5 )

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