Utilizing Integromat Dev Tools and Postman for Effective Webhook Testing and Scenario Building

The State Changers had a deep discussion on using make and Integromat dev tools effectively for testing, leveraging Google Chrome extensions and Postman for testing scenarios, and how to save request data for later usage. They discussed ways to replace the starter module without losing connections and the process of setting up with Postman to get sample request data. Further, they covered how to initiate custom webhooks and handle scenarios involving Webflow forms.

The discussion also touched on potential issues with Make modules and why they prefer using the raw webhook to bypass these issues. They mentioned services like Etsy and QuickBooks, which do not allow webhooks from Postman, possibly due to authentication. They also shared a workaround for Webflow by setting up a webhook under watch events which can then be copied into Postman for repeated testing.

(Source: Make Secrets with Andy O'Neil 9/20/2023 )

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