WeWeb and Xano Integration: Handling Checkbox Data and Optimal UI Transformation

The meeting among the State Changers mainly revolved around data handling and API integration issues faced while using WeWeb to build an interface. The State Changers specifically discussed creating an array from a list of checkboxes and handling the output, especially when dealing with small numbers like <20.

The participants debated the merits of either handling data manipulation on the front end (on WeWebb) versus deferring it to the back end (Zano). It was noted that while the WeWeb front end is better for interactivity and presentation, backend tools such as Xano are better suited to handling more complex data manipulation. The given suggestion was to pass Boolean values from the checkboxes directly to Zano and assign the job of array building to the Zano backend. Changes would only need to be made on the API, not on the database, and the data would be resident in the API for only a fraction of a second. The State Changers agreed to add the necessary Boolean values in Zano and try tackling the problem from the backend. Zano's ability to work better with data was discussed. They also highlighted the frequent disconnect between frontend developers and backend developers' perspectives.

(Source: Office Hours 2/8 )

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