WeWeb Avatar Integration Process and Troubleshooting

The State Changers meeting focused on working with WeWeb to incorporate an avatar element. Participants were able to set up and run the system, making decisions about height and width parameters and inspecting the resulting rectangles on the design interface. However, challenges emerged when trying to display the avatar. Even though the avatar was present in the 'avatar test' code, it wouldn't appear in the given design space on WeWeb. Participants engaged in problem-solving methods such as exploring the ‘dev menu’ at the top and referring to the documentation to ascertain whether there was a need for a CSS sheet or other requirements for the avatar to be displayed correctly. Despite these efforts, the avatar remained undisplayable, raising questions about possible low-level setup involving GSX. The meeting concluded with the decision to probe more into the issue and possibly address it in a follow-up meeting the following day.

(Source: Office Hours 9/6/2023 )

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