WeWeb Breadcrumbs and JavaScript Implementation, Resolving API Request Issues, and Discussion on Comment Setup

In this meeting among the State Changers, they discussed numerous topics, primarily issues user interface navigation and API usage.

One team member asked about creating breadcrumbs on the web app development platform WeWeb. This would involve sending the page back to the home dashboard or a list page, rather than default to the homepage. The recommended solution was to deploy simple custom JavaScript (go dot back) to emulate browser-level back functionality. Another issue was a team member starting facing high numbers of seemingly unnecessary or malicious API requests potentially from an IP with unusual activities. The solution proposed was modifying the endpoint response, from a 500 error, potentially attracting more attempts, to a 404 error, indicating nothing exists at the targeted endpoint. The endpoint was subsequently deleted to prevent further resource usage. The internal discussion also indicated the use of platforms like Xano and Maze (for front-end testing). There were plans to share more information about Maze on an internal forum, due to its usefulness for product research and concept validation. A detailed walkthrough was also done on the comment set up configuration within a database. Key takeaways involve the use of JavaScript for simple browser functionalities, dealing with potential security threats through API response adjustment, the application of Xano and Maze for better development and testing, and understanding comment setup within a platform's database.

(Source: Office Hours 6/19 )

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