WeWeb Implementation, Script Tag Use and Potential Zano Enhancements Discussed

During this meeting, the State Changers discussed various topics focused on their use of the WeWeb platform. Details were discussed on how they implement JavaScript within their WeWeb environment, including the function of script tags and how to direct these tags to address specific URLs as a part of their page load actions.

Another topic discussed was Bubble, mentioned as one of the possible JavaScript environments that can be worked with alongside WeWeb. The dialogue also included methods for identifying different script tags in a complex coding environment. One of the participants, David, proposed a solution for easy identification by incorporating the URL's specific number into the script tag, offering a straightforward tracking system for larger projects. The group had a keen interest in improving their use of the Zano platform, discussing possible improvements like an effective way to locate specific files across their entire corpus, similar to a feature available in API. The meeting rounded off with a focus on problem-solving data manipulation challenges in Bubble and JavaScript, with a request for more information to address the specific issues faced by a participant. Keywords mentioned: WeWeb, Bubble, JavaScript, Zano.

(Source: Deep Dive - Javascript for Low-Code 8/2/2023 )

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