WeWeb Interface Troubleshooting and Password Reset Function Setup

The State Changers focused on web-based protocols and query editors in this meeting. Major keywords mentioned included "WeWeb" and "Token." Their discussion centered around password reset functionalities and the importance of the query string "token" in the URL which is essential for resetting passwords. They elaborated on the process of making the software (WeWeb, in this case) aware of the token query. The team provided a hands-on walkthrough on how to insert the token parameter in the address bar, setting the token in the query editor and instructing WeWeb to pay attention to it. A quick test was made to ascertain if the setup was successful, but the results were to be shared later. Towards the conclusion of the meeting, the participants reflected positively on their series of discussions. The team further agreed to communicate the success of the walkthrough via chat.

(Source: Office Hours 1/31 )

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