WeWeb Page Elements Limitation and System Leaks Discussion

The State Changers in this meeting discussed challenges with WeWeb pages. It was stated that after an investigation, it was found that a page had eighteen thousand elements when ideally it should have been no more than a thousand. The advice given was to split the pages up, which was perceived as unfair because the numbers in question weren't clear, as even a check through the DOM elements and nodes didn't reveal this.

There was a dialogue about conditional rendering and how the amount of stuff rendered on a page at any given time should ideally be under two thousand. However, they recognized that the problem existed because of the inability of WeWeb to handle conditional rendering in an efficient way. The similarities between WeWeb and Xano were discussed, where both were described as 'leaky'. The team seemed to agree that this is not limited to just these two systems but is prevalent across other systems as well. The conversation insinuated that fixing such problems would be a possibly nontrivial amount of engineering work and might be a part of their forthcoming significant releases. The conversation concludes with a sentiment of the need to persevere and strive to fix such issues in future iterations of their projects.

(Source: Office Hours 9/18/2023 )

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