Workflow Analysis and Application Development with Flutterflow and Firebase

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss app development using a variety of tools, with a primary focus on FlutterFlow, a no-code mobile application builder, and Zapier, an automation tool that connects various apps. They use FlutterFlow for mobile sign-in authentication and Firebase for its user identity platform.

The discussion starts with one of the participants using his app as a case study. The app itself has gone through end-to-end development using the discussed technologies and procedures. The participant begins by talking about authentication (auth), starting with refresher content on the topic. He explains the processes and workflows used along the way, detailing the steps for someone else to understand or duplicate the process. Next, he elaborates how he used FlutterFlow for phone sign-in, a feature enabling users to sign into the app using their phone numbers. He then propounds the usage of Firebase UID (User Identifier), a unique identifier assigned by Firebase for each user. He reveals these UIDs are stored in his database. Another participant asks if the UIDs are validated, to which the presenter replies that the validation is not yet implemented. Moving forward they discuss what other responses they received from Firebase. During the conversation, the group debates the differences between a unique identified (UID) and an identity token (ID token), implying the latter is a signed token that comes from Firebase. The meeting ends with a proposal to switch to another participant's screen to compare and examine how they’ve implemented these processes in their respective app developments. The meticulous step-by-step explanation of the processes makes this meeting valuable for developers who want to understand workflows, particularly focusing on the use of FlutterFlow and Firebase UID.

(Source: Office Hours Extra: FlutterFlow Auth and Push Notifications )

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