Working with Typeform and XML: Troubleshooting and Data Manipulation

In this meeting, the State Changers discuss two main topics: Typeform integration and XML authentication.

Regarding Typeform integration, the State Changers review the structure of the Typeform response and the need to extract specific data from it. They discuss the best approach to handle the complexity of the data and suggest using stop and debug to test and extract the necessary information. The State Changers agree on using variables to store the extracted data and simplify the data manipulation process. In terms of XML authentication, the State Changers touch on the issue of passing XML context in parameters and configuring basic authentication. They emphasize the importance of understanding the specific requirements of the external API (in this case, B-Post) and reviewing its documentation to develop an effective solution. Overall, the meeting focuses on addressing the State Changer's questions around Typeform integration and XML authentication, providing guidance and suggesting strategies to move forward.

(Source: Office Hours 7/7/2023 )

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