Xano Table Function and Data Manipulation Challenges

During this meeting, the participants discussed a coding issue related to array-based functions in Xano. The meeting focused on a specific function that was causing problems in manipulating data. The participants reviewed the code and identified potential areas where adjustments could be made. They discussed the use of the foreach loop and the has any element function. They also looked at the output and supporting facts arrays to determine why certain objects were not being included in the results. The participants suggested several changes to the code, such as using the item variable instead of the output variable in the foreach loop, and modifying the update variable to only include the desired elements. They also discussed the possibility of using the has every element or find all elements functions instead of has any element to filter the results more accurately. The participants decided to further investigate these options and seek additional help if needed. Overall, the meeting provided insights into debugging and optimizing code for data manipulation in Xano.

(Source: Office Hours 6/5 )

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